The Ronno Bender is a fine replica of the legendary Sola Sound Tone Bender MK1. The MK1 was used by Jeff Beck in the “Yardbirds” era, as well as The Beatles (that was the fuzz used on "Think For Yourself"), Pete Townshend of “The Who”, “The Pretty Things”, ”Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich”, “The Merseybeats”, etc.. back in the sixties. But the most notable and dedicated user of the MK1 and with greater effect was Mick Ronson in the good old days of “The Spiders from Mars” with David Bowie. Newly redesigned enclosure resembles the original but with reduced dimensions. Easy battery acces by only slightly loosening two srews. It also accepts positive tip DC 9V. NOS germanium transistors are carefully selected and tested for the best best possible performance. Fully handmade process.




-Handmade, point to point soldering technique on perforated board.
-Carefully selected N.O.S Germanium Transistors.
-Quality Capacitors.
-Alpha Pots.
-True bypass switch.
-Gold hammertone finish.
-Individually numbered / signed Pedal.
-9 volt battery, a brand new one is included.
-It accepts DC current from an external power supply. Polarity is reverse (positive tip, negative sleeve).
-Exclusive designed old style enclosure with fast cover opening for battery change.


Dimensions: 156x82x64 mm


Price: 285 EUR (contact to order)




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The Ronno Bender in action on this Jeff Beck clasic.
  Classic Mick Ronson sounds with the Ronno Bender.
Ronno Bender with Les Paul and Stratocaster.