The Baby Face is Manlay Sound’s take on the the classic Arbiter Fuzz Face, the legendary fuzz box used by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson and others. A really fantastic fuzz with unique voice and personality.

It is hand built with quality components point to point on perfored board. Transistors are hand selected and tested for optimum sound. Unlike other fuzzes it has the hability to clean up with the guitar’s volume potentiometer, which adds versatility.
Germanium version of this classic was offered only briefly in the mid-late sixties. By the end of the decade it was offered with silicon transistors. Both versions are great and are offered by Manlay Sound.



-Handmade, point to point soldering technique on perfored board.
-Carefully selected N.O.S Germanium Transistors or modern Silicon Transistors.
-High quality Capacitors.
-Carbon composition resistors (like the original FF)
-Alpha Pots.
-True bypass switch.
-Individually numbered / signed Pedal.
-Silicon version is offered with 9v DC jack and LED indicator.
-Blue is Germanium version.
-Red is Silicon version.
-9 volt battery, a brand new one is included.



Baby Face Silicon.
  Baby Face Germanium >> Tha Sound. The fuzz appears at the solo.
The Baby Face Germanium appears at the solo.
Baby Face Germanium.