I designed this little mod for Stratocasters. I think it's very useful and non invasive, both of my Strats already have it done, I love it. No drilling or complicated switching is required. Perfect if you don't want any aesthetic changes to your Strat. Your Strat works as always but then you have a 2 position switch (one of the tone knobs). When you switch to “Strat 2” this is your new configuration on the 5 way switch:

5 – Neck

4 - Neck+Bridge (Tele quack mid position)

3 - Humbucker (Middle+Bridge in series)

2 – Kill switch

1 – Bridge

Check out the video for more details. The schematic and layout can be downloaded down here.

Click on the image and then (right-click) save image as:




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I found that the Humbucker is quite dark, not the same as installing a proper "PAF" in your bridge position. Due probably to the increased inductance and doubled DC resistance with the two coils in series the sound gets very fat. I added a 0,0047uF capacitor to bring some treble back and it's great, it wasn't added in the demo video yet, it's brighter and more alive with the cap. You can try a different value, maybe a 0.01uF. It's a very cool sound in its own right, you'll have a jazzier tone in your arsenal. The kill switch is a nice addition to your bag of tricks.


Materials required:

- 6 pole / 2 position rotary switch, knurled shaft like this:

-some small cables

-soldering equipement