The Bee Box is Manlay’s Sound take on the rare FY-2 Companion made by the Japanese company, Shin-ei, in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Let’s get things straight: this is not your Jimi fuzz. True to the FY-2’s character, the Bee Box has that distinctive, raw, and gated sound used by people like Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood, The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, or William Reid from Jesus and Mary Chain. Housed in a custom made enclosure that emulates the looks of the 60’s unit, the Bee Box stays true to Shin-ei’s circuit but with a few tweaks under the hood. The “fuzz” knob, just like in the original pedal, is more a mild tone shaper than the typical saturation control you find in most fuzzes. In order to compensate for this and its mid-scooped characteristic sound, we added a mod. BEE mode is the original sound of the Companion FY-2. BAA mode brings back some of the mids that are scooped out. Just like honey.



-High quality components.
-NOS C536 transistors.
-PCB circuit.
-Amphenol closed jacks
-Alpha Pots.
-True bypass switch.
-Fuzz (tone adjustment).
-Volume adjustment. (original FY-2 volume issue solved).
-Mode switch (original/mid pushed).
-LED indicator.
-9 volt battery, a brand new one is included.
-Custom made hand painted old style enclosure.


Dimensions: 170x90x60 mm


Price: 220 EUR (contact to order)




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