"The Ronno Bender is the best-sounding new fuzz that I have discovered in many years. It has an amazing and beautiful timbrel complexity. Notes evolve in surprising, yet controllable ways.
Every friend of mine that plays through it is also knocked out. It is my second favorite fuzz in the world. (oddly my favorite fuzz for many years is the discontinued TECH 21 Comptortion - a pedal that nobody but me seems to love)
Since curating the MUSEUM OF MAKING MUSIC's ART OF THE STOMPBOX SHOW, my boutique fuzz box collection has grown greatly. I probably have over 70 different fuzz boxes at home. Packing now for a gig any gig, the two essential pedals for me are the Ronno Bender and the Comptortion."
-Henry Kaiser November 2010


(...)The insistent riff in "Love Is Lost," for example, is a David riff played by me. The kind of "Peter Green" lead lines are played through a rig David and Tony [Visconti] put together from a photo of Mick Ronson's setup back in the day. David found a Ronno Bender pedal -a copy of the old Tone Bender Mick used-(...)
-Quote by Gerry Leonard in Guitar Player Magazine.


The Ronno Bender is so cool!
-Nels Cline


I am so happy right now. I just paired the Ronno with a reissue Vox handwired V846. It was cool before, but after pairing it up with a decent wah, it's just magic. It is without a doubt the best sounding fuzz box I have ever heard. It sounds so good. Thanks again!!!


Thank you very much for the M-200.  It arrived OK and sounds 100 times better than I was hoping it would.  Thank you so much.


It's great. Finally, finally finally. I have tried so many mark 1 builds and they all fell short. Not yours. The switch is brilliant. The modern position retains the flavor but doesn't gate. How did you do that? What does that switch do to the circuit? Thanks so much my friend...


I received the M-200. What a great sound!!! I love the way it drives my supro black magick amp. I feel like I will use it most of the time I play as a foundation to my tone. Amazing pedal!!! Thank you so much!!
-Kenny Z


The M-200 has arrived two days ago, many thanks! It looks great, and more importantly sounds great too! Of course I've never played a real 200-Watts Pig, but it plays like I imagine it would... and it's definitely got an old-school Marshall tone!
I play mainly doom and so far, it works perfectly with all the fuzz pedals I've played through it, and it sounds doom-y on its own too! It pushes A LOT of air when above unity. I have other Marshall-inspired preamps/overdrives, but what they lack I think is the reactivity the M-200 has... the M-200 has the sweetest transition from clean-ish to crunch to overdrive to full-on distortion, very pleasing.
Many thanks again for building one so quickly, really appreciated!
Cheers, talk soon!


Your pedal is phenomenal. So adjustable on the guitar volume - it's almost fuzz face like in the way it cleans up. But when you turn up it just sings.
Gorgeous harmonics and massive sustain. Its so well balanced overall and the vintage/modern switch is extremely effective. Old school gating vs smoother sustain. It really works.
Thanks so much for the pedal and all your kind support whilst we waited for Auspost to sort their act out. Its brilliant, I love it and will keep it for my children.
I can see why a guy on TGP said its the last pedal he'd ever sell.
(Ronno Bender)


They are just the best. Just having too much fun! Love them both. It's a new world.
-Aziz Ibrahim


For some time I had struggled to find a wah pedal with an even and 'throaty' sweep akin to Mick Ronson's. Manlay Sound came up with a fantastic sounding unit which I put to great use in the studio.
-Paul Green (Glambassadors)


Hello Roman, Love "The Sound" pedal! You have a great ear for tone! Got it a few days ago and played it with my Eric Johnson Strat on the bridge position for over an hour. Sounds exactly like the you tube videos! Thanks again for everything, Ralph Negron


Roman - the pedal sounds fantastic ! I am playing it through a 100 watt plexi and a gibson and it just nails the ronson / beck sound I was searching for!Also works perfect with my crybabyThanks, wonderful pedal
Johnny Chimienti
(Ronno Bender)


Thanks Román!!!!It's the BEST! I love the tone! I love the design!EXCELLENT!!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!- Brian Ladd
(The Aladdin)


Hi Roman,
I received the Pedal today, cos I was on tour last week.
It's just great, I’m very happy about it, it sounds terrific, very Ronoish as I was expected! Thanks good work !
Philippe Amar
(The Aladdin)


Hey Roman,
I received the Sound pedal. It sounds great. It’s very inspiring to play.
Nicholas Knirk
(The Sound)


Hello Román,
Just to tell you I received the pedal ok. really great sound direct to amp (gorgeous-enormous with the 335 gibson !!!!), surprisingly very loud compared to a classic Boss one by example ! Like a mega boost plus a fuzz !  I must try with the Les Paul of my friend too.
I tried some configurations, On my Deluxe amp, I put the fuzz next after the Wah, it sounds great. Idem on my Marshall amp.
(Claude Corda)
(Ronno Bender)


I really like the M-200, it sounds great and really nails those Ronno sounds with the settings you've shared.


I have been so impressed with the Ronno Bender that I have bought a 66 Bender from your dealer in the USA
Steve Church


Just receive it today !
I love it ! Super sound !


Best pedal i ever bought ronson all the way!!!!!!! thanks++++++++


Hey Roman, 

I ordered the Ronno Bender about a year ago, I'm lovin it. Here is a song I used it on for my bands first album (I actually used it on every song haha). It hasn't been mixed or mastered yet.


Baby Face has arrived sounds great!!!!!


Hi !The pedal arrived last week.It's GREAT  !!  Amaizing ! Manlay sound  BA-N-ZA-I  !Many thanx.Isao


Joe from Rockport, Masschusetts, USA here and sending praise for your incredible over drive pedal, the sound. i just picked one up from Rock & Roll vintage - and I am very impressed! one of the best things i've ever played through. it's extremely gratifying & easy to get great sounds out of it.
(...) thanks for building an AMAZING overdrive!


thanks for the feedback! that's how i'm using THE SOUND. it's just an incredible pedal and  - it is always on!


I'm loving the pedal - I've got quite a few 60s fuzz pedals and this is definitely one of the best.
Many thanks,


Hi Roman
I am very pleased with the pedal, particularly as through a poor quality or clean amp it gives a pleasant soft clipping sound and a good sound in the mid-range to avoid mixing with the bass guitar. Normal silicon/germanium fuzz not very good at this.
Good at Bowie guitar with a fixed wah-wah pedal for the honky sound although not designed for that I suppose.
Once I try it out in some louder situations with a decent amp I will hear it at its best.
Best regards


Hi Román,
I picked up my pedal from the post office on Monday. Now that I've spent a few evenings playing with it I can only express my gratitude to you for creating such a great device. For me it took some time to really dial in - initially I overdosed the amount of distortion, but after playing with it for a while I found the right settings for the tones I was searching for. I'm using a Fender Blues Junior combo and for some time I've been trying to find a decently priced second-hand Marshall 1974X. Now it seems I won't need it after all. :-)
You asked if I play bass guitar as well. I do, along with keyboards and drums. Music is not my profession, but a passion. ;-)
It was a privilege doing business with you. You may expect an order or two from me in the future and once my guitar playing friends try The Sound you may have other Finnish clients too.
Yours truly,


Got your pedal and have tried it out through Vox and Marshall amps
Very happy with the sound, I already have lots of fuzz pedals tonebenders fuzzfaces and such, but your pedal has become my favourite!
The sounds are more versatile than I expected from the YouTube demos and is much more than a Mick Ronson only pedal.
Barry Ward
(Ronno Bender)


Thanks Roman,
i have a JMI Tone bender Mick Ronson signature (like the old Mark1 Vox) and i had the opportunity to try your Ronno bender. A friend f mine bought one.
I got stucked by the quality of it and will include it in my pedalboard.
Yes we do shows and sometimes TV appearance with my band EPQE.
Can't wait to receive your Ronno Bender.


Excellent take on the MKI.


The MK 1 is great sound! I love it.


Great pedal, great builder, very satisfied A+++++


Fantastic pedal, great sounds to explore, recomended, well worth the Euros.


Just got the pedal....Wow better than what I hear on the video. can not wait to play out.


Great pedal, great price. Very happy indeed! For the Ronson tone, this pedal is amazing.


We received The Sound today and we played it at first and thought that the buzzing in the first dial was a problem, then realized it is normal. So we plugged my pedalboard with the pedal board in and played through a 60 watt fender head through a 1x15 peavey cabinet. First I played a strat and I could almost immediately channel my inner hendrix and early clapton. Then i switched to a les paul with p-90's and it tore it up, i dialed in my inner jimmy page and was even going a little 80's with billy squire and even played a little ZZ Top. Point in case, this is an amazing pedal. I couldn't be happier with it and its paired with my marshall bluesbreaker pedal which boosts its solos. The thing is I'm going to be expecting a 50 watt silverface bassman in a couple of days and can't wait to hear it with the boost. So once again I wanted to thank you for putting out such an amazing product.
Anthony Wright


The Ronno Bender produces a rich and dirty fuzz-tone with a lot of sustain while not sounding muddy when playing single notes or even chords. Furthermore it can produce singing octave-like tones (sometimes remembering me of an Ampeg Scrambler, but less muddy and a lot mure musically) and does not cut of the higher frequencies, like some other fuzzboxes do. And the Ronno Bender can get really loud! When used as a stand-alone effect, the "clarity" and string differentiation when playing chords is amazing for a fuzzbox. If you even like it to get more dirty, I figured out that the Ronno Bender works well with an overdrive pedal in front of it (only slight overdrive - not distortion!), especially when using single coil equipped guitars - and it still keeps it´s tone-clarity. This box rocks!
Sven Anders


Cliff from Destroy All Guitars here and I’m proud to say that the Ronno has become my #1 pedal. I stumbled across the Manlay Sound website while surfing for pedals and the Ronno caught my eye. I followed up with a phone call and after speaking with Roman I decided to order his entire, at that time, 3 piece catalog which proved to be one of the smartest moves I’ve made in regard to my guitar’s tone.
The Manlay pedals have that extra 10% that takes you over the top. Roman has golden ears and it translates over to his pedals. The Ronno is simply addicting, and is, without a doubt the finest ToneBender I’ve ever played.
I will immediately be ordering the new Manlay pedals from their catalog.


The Aladdin on clean amp.
  Mick Ronson tones with the wah wah and overdrive.