The Aladdin is a honky sounding fuzz. It provides a nasty fuzz sound, an amazing amount of volume and infinite sustain. The Aladdin is an old style silicon transistors fuzz, it's design has its roots in the legendary E-H Axis Fuzz. A mini toggle switch was added (color) so you can choose between a bitting treble sound or a more bassy and meaty sound. This little wonder is capable of sounding like a lightning storm, you'll hear electricity in your fingers.



-Handmade, point to point soldering technique on perfored board.
-Carefully selected silicon transistors.
-Volume adjustment.
-Fuzz adjustment.
-Color adjustment (for a more meaty and full bodied sound)
-Alpha Pots.
-True bypass switch.
-Compact pedal design.
-Fancy graphics.
-Individually numbered / signed Pedal
-9 volt battery, a brand new one is included.
-DC -9V jack


Dimensions: 120x65x55 mm


Price: 210 EUR (contact to order)




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The Aladdin Front P
The Aladdin on clean amp.
  Mick Ronson tones with the wah wah and overdrive.